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ATTENTION: Email us after purchasing

All payments are processed by one of our core organizers (thats why all the payment links are to a personal accoount). Once you donate the amount of your choosing email us with a screenshot of the payment, the quantity of shirts you paid for, the size, and of course your name.

All shirts will either be distributed free of charge prior to the September 15th Global Climate Strike/other future events, or mailed to your address for an additional shipping fee of $8

Our Shirts

Do you want to join our chapter and represent with a shirt?

Do you want to have a Fridays For Future shirt to wear to school on the day of a strike?

Do you want a shirt for the global climate strike?

Perfect!! Because....

We are asking for donations in return for shirts to help with fund our events and meetings. Due to the fact that we are.a nonprofit youth led group paying for everything out of pocket, we are trying to provide more for our meetings and events, so we all can continue to grow!! ALL donations received will go towards things like materials for art builds, megaphones for our strikes, and even snacks for future meetings.  We have plenty of shirts to go around, and would love to have you join us, so please help support and buy a shirt!!

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